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Welcome Home Chain Link Rosary: Personalized, Memorial Rosary. 
Floral Beads Made Using YOUR Flower Petals


Create a cherished memorial with our full-size handmade rosary beads, featuring 53 floral beads representing the Hail Mary prayers. You provide the flowers, and BARBARA will skillfully craft the beads, showcasing your flower petals within each one. Choose from a variety of colors that need not match the flowers themselves.


The centerpiece of our rosary is the exquisite WELCOME HOME design, symbolizing Jesus welcoming someone into his heavenly embrace.


One large rose can yield two full-size rosaries, making this a truly special keepsake.


Flowers of any kind, whether freshly dried or aged, can be used. Please ensure they are completely dry before shipping. Instructions and the mailing address will be provided upon ordering, ensuring a simple and hassle-free process.


Our rosary features high-quality parts made in Italy, including oxidized sterling silver.


Please note that cancellations and returns are not accepted. Upon placing your order, you will receive detailed instructions for sending your flowers.

Welcome Home Memorial Chain LInk Rosary Made Using YOUR dried Flower Petals

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