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I am Barbara Beckmann and I am a professional artist from Rockland County, New York. I have been painting and crafting since my childhood. After the birth of my first child, I opened my own business. In 1996 I began painting murals in businesses and homes throughout my area. One baby turned into four babies and I put my personal artwork on the back burner. However, I continued to paint for commission. My decorative painting and mural business allowed me the flexibility to work on my own time schedule, giving me the opportunity to remain at home raising my four children. Over the years, I have worked on many artistic projects.  In 2005, I started offering handmade rosary, chaplets and jewelry pieces. I have been hand making floral beads and making rosaries since childhood. After the death of my own parents, I truly realized how much I treasure my parents preserved funeral rose keepsakes and how very special they are to my family. I began to offer them as part of my business after that. I am currently running a successful Etsy store where customers can purchase and order my flower petal rosary, memorial jewelry, wedding keepsakes, which I custom make using THEIR flower petals.

I have a growing YOU TUBE art channel where I share what I am currently working on and teach viewers how I create some of my artwork. If I had to describe my work, I would say it's happy, spiritual, inspirational, self fulfilling and healing.

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