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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your timeframe? Orders generally take 10 weeks to complete from the date the flowers are received in the studio, not the order date. Large orders will require more time. Contact Barbara for an estimated timeframe.You will be added onto Barbara's schedule when the flowers are logged into the studio. Please send your flowers with tracking.  Flowers MUST arrive fully dried! 

DO NOT SEND FRESH FLOWERS! Fresh flowers can mold in the mail. Do NOT put your flowers inside any type of plastic bag. Plastic will promote molding, especially if there is moisture inside the pedals. If your flowers arrive fresh, the order will be canceled and the flowers will be discarded. If for some reason they do arrive fresh, Barbara will send you an email and a photo. You can have Barbara dry them in the studio for an additional fee of $50. 

How do I dry my flowers? There are several ways to dry fresh flowers. For resin pieces where you want the petals to remain as vibrant as possible, the oven or microwave method is recommended. TEST ONLY A FEW PETALS AT A TIME!

 DO NOT COMMIT TO DRYING THEM ALL AT ONCE! For non rein pieces, it's perfectly fine to dry your petals or flower buds on paper towels exposed to the open air. It could take 2-3 weeks for your flowers to fully air dry. 


Oven Method: Instructions

  1. Set the oven on the lowest setting available. A heat setting ranging from 150F (65C) to no more than 200F (93C) degrees is highly recommended.

  2. Place all of the flower heads onto the baking sheet (test a few first!), spreading them out so they do not touch. If using baking racks, place them onto the baking sheet first, and then fill them with the flower heads.

  3. Set the time for at least 1 hour, but up to 1.5 hours if preserving a lot of flowers on multiple trays. It may take up to 2 hours to dry the flower heads if they are large or thick.

  4. Check on the flowers about every 30 minutes to avoid over-drying them and causing scorching.

  5. Remove the flowers from the oven, and allow them to air dry to room temperature before storing in a container with an airtight lid.


Microwave Method:

In most cases, it will take 30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds to dry your petals in the microwave. You will know when the flowers are done because they will be completely dry, crispy and not sticky to the touch. When the flowers are not done they will be tacky and stick to your fingers. 



  1. Snip or pinch off the flowers just beneath the head so they will lay as flat as possible.

  2. Place a paper towel on top of the glass tray insert in the bottom of your microwave. If you don’t have a glass tray, use a glass microwave safe baking dish or fire brick on the bottom of the microwave oven.

  3. Place a single row of flower heads onto the heavy base covering.

  4. Place another paper towel on top of the flowers.

  5. Put a fire brick or heavy microwave safe glass object on top of the paper towel.

  6. Set the microwave for full power mode for 2 minutes.

  7. Remove the top brick or glass, and carefully flip over the drying flowers.

  8. Replace the paper towel and heavy microwave safe object.

  9. Heat at full power for 1 minute.

  10. Repeat the careful flipping of the flowers process in 30 second intervals until the flower heads are completely dry.

  11. Use or store the preserved flowers as soon as they are cool enough to touch.

  12. Store the microwave dried flower heads in an airtight container in a cool dry place until ready to use.


Open Air Paper Towel Method:

You can dry your flower petals on paper towels. Remove long stems and scatter the petals onto the paper towels. Leave them out of direct sunlight, on a shelf or a safe place until they dry. All flower petals dry differently, and times may vary. It could take 2-3 weeks before they are ready to safely ship. 


What flowers can be used to make keepsakes?

Any flower type can be used to make floral beads or resin keepsakes. 

​How many flowers do I need for a rosary? Chaplet?

1 standard size rose can make 2 full size (53 bead rosary), or 10 (10 bead chaplet)

 If you are not sure how many flowers you will need to fulfill your order, please email Barbara.

How many flowers do I need for my order?

After you place your order, Barbara will go over the order details and determine how many flowers are needed to fulfill your order. You will receive instructions on where to send your flowers, and how to ship them. The address will be provided as well. 

How long to orders take?

Orders generally can take up to 10 weeks to complete from the date the flowers arrive in the studio and not the date the order was placed. Very large orders will take longer. Barbara will communicate with you to give you an overall idea of the timeframe if you have a large order. 

How do I send you my flowers? Where do I send them?

 Do not wrap your flowers in any kind of plastic! Plastic baggies can promote mold. Wrap your flowers only in paper towels. ​After you place an order, you will receive instructions as well as the mailing address to the studio. 

My flowers are fresh can I send them to you anyway?

Flowers must be 100% dry before they can be made into keepsakes and most importantly they must be 100% dry or they can mold in the mail. Never mail fresh flowers!

My flowers are fresh. How do I dry them?

​​If your flowers are fresh you can air dry them on paper towels. All flowers dry differently and the timeframe can vary. Most flowers take 10-14 days to thoroughly dry deep inside by the bud. You can remove long stems and remove the petals from the bud. Flowers can be dried whole but they take longer to dry, especially inside at the bud. For resin pieces, for example frames and candles, you may want some smaller flowers left whole. For beads, you can remove the petals and scatter them onto paper towels to dry. 

I can't wait 10-14 days to dry my flowers. How can I dry them quicker?

If your flowers are fresh and you need your keepsakes to be made sooner than later, you can also dry your flowers using the oven or the microwave method. Google “How to dry flower petals in the oven and microwave.” There are several postings on how to dry them using those methods. Test a few petals at time. Do not commit to drying all of your flowers at once,  unless you are conformable and had a successful test run.​

How do I mail you my flowers?

 Your dried flowers should be wrapped in paper towels, clearly marked with your name and contact information and your order number. Flowers can be mailed in a small padded envelope, or small box. Tracking information is required. You have 10 days to mail your flowers from the order date. If you need more time to send your flowers, message Barbara and let her know. 

My flowers are really old, can you still use them to make my keepsake?

Flowers can be newly dried, or many years old. As long as they are dry and free of mold they can be used to create beautiful heirloom treasures.


How long will my order take once you receive my flowers?

Orders generally can take up to 10 weeks to complete from the date the flowers arrive in the studio and not the date the order was placed. Very large orders will take longer. Barbara will communicate with you to give you an overall idea of the timeframe if you have a large order.

What color bead should I pick for my flowers?

Beads can be made in many colors. They do not have to match the flower colors. Very small amounts of pigments can be added into the binding agent that Barbara uses to make her beads. The binding agent makes the beads strong and durable, waterproof and it holds the beads in their round shape. Choose an overall color that you love. You will be able to see the flower petals throughout the entire bead. 


What is the difference between matte and glossy beads? 

Beads come in a matte finish (rough and organic feeling), or a glossy (slightly shiny and smooth) finish. 

What is the difference between translucent beads and clear resin beads?

Clear resin beads are crystal clear, they have a glass like finish. They cost more because the materials used are more expensive and they can be quite dangerous to work with, so extra procations are needed in order to make them safely .

With resin beads you will be able to look inside the bead and see details of the flower petals. Translucent beads are cloudy in appearance. They are beads that have absolutely no added pigment added into the binding agent, The only color they receive is from the flower petals directly. Most flower petals do not have enough saturated pigments inside them to produce a very colorful bead. Very little pigment is released, which gives the bead their cloudy look. 

If you have any questions that were not answered here, please reach out Barbara. 

You can reach Barbara using the "contact us" tab from the main menu. 

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