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Teardrop Pendant Necklace custom made using YOUR Flowers


The teardrop pendant can be made using your dried flowers, funeral flowers, memorial flowers.


Barbara can add small times, in addition to flowers, or replacing flowers. Some examples are cremation ash, fur, or small items you would like to preserve. 

Dried flowers shown in sample photos.


Flowers from memorial services, & funeral services. 
Flowers must be 100% dry before you can ship them.

 Please get tracking on your flowers when you send them for your records. They can ship in a padded envelope or small box. 

Only a few of your flower petals are needed to create this pendant. 
 The process is very easy! 


Top Quality Adjustable Gold chain. 
 925 silver chain comes, in 18, 20 or 22 inch


After you place your order, Barbara will review the order details and determine how many flowers are needed to fulfill your order. You will receive shipping instructions and the mailing address. 

Everything is handmade and hard wired. Keepsakes are unique and made to order, 

Funeral flowers. 
Memorial flower keepsakes. 
Memorial mementos. 
Loss of loved of gift.
Angel keepsakes.
Angel Keychain.
Bereavement Gifts
Bridal Flowers



What kind of flowers can I use?
I can add all flower types. They can be newly dried or many years old.

Teardrop Pendant Necklace custom made using YOUR Flowers

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