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Wedding Floral Rosary: Preserving Your Flowers in Beads


Embrace the sentimental beauty of our Wedding Floral Rosary, meticulously crafted using the flowers you provide. Each rosary features 53 floral beads, measuring 8-9 mm, in a chain link style as shown in the photos. Choose from a Wedding Ring Center or Photo Center (featuring your own photo). Adorned with a stunning 2 ¼ inch oxidized starburst silver cross.


The beads are available in a matte finish, which exudes an earthy and organic feel, or a glossy finish which is smooth to the touch. Both options are waterproof and highly durable.


Every bead is lovingly handmade, embedding YOUR FLOWERS inside. Each bead is meticulously crafted, allowing you to see your flower petals within. The beadwork is hand-wired, creating a cherished family heirloom to treasure and enjoy.


A single standard-sized rose can create two full-size rosaries, or three using any other flower type. You may send a mixture of petals and greenery, as long as they are fully dry.


After placing your order, Barbara will review the details and email you, requesting sufficient flowers to fulfill your order. You will receive shipping instructions and the address for flower delivery.


Please ensure that the petals are dried deep inside the bud to prevent molding. If you require faster drying, you can explore microwave or oven drying methods (refer to drying sugestion on our website).


Please refrain from shipping fresh or partially fresh flowers, as they will mold during transit. Such shipments will result in immediate order cancellation without return of the flowers.


Barbara offers various styles of rosaries and floral jewelry, with new items regularly added. For custom orders, please contact Barbara at


Custom charms, including names and wedding dates, can be added to your rosary or other pieces for an additional fee. Simply navigate to the main menu and select the "Add On" tab.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How many flowers do I need for a rosary? One standard-sized rose can create two full-size rosaries, and the same goes for other flower types. If you are unsure, please email Barbara at for assistance.


What types of flowers can I use? Floral beads can be made from any flower type, not limited to rose petals. They can be newly dried or preserved for years. Please note that flowers may shrink and colors may darken or antique, but they remain your cherished flowers.


What metals are used? The chain link style rosary is made with oxidized silver metals for the rosary and chaplets. Barbara's oxidized silver pieces are imported from Italy, offering a slightly tarnished or antique jewelry look. They require no chemical cleaning—simply buff with a soft cloth.


Cancellations: Once the beads are made, Barbara does not accept cancellations or returns. However, if you have any concerns with your order, please contact Barbara immediately.

Wedding Floral Rosary

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