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Gold Tone Floral Rosary: A Treasured Keepsake


Discover the captivating beauty of our Gold Tone Floral Rosary, expertly crafted using your dried flowers, whether from funerals, weddings, or special occasions. This Catholic rosary features 53 full-size beads, each measuring 8 mm in diameter.


Beads are meticulously made by hand, embedding YOUR FLOWERS within. From roses to dandelions, we transform your cherished blooms into Floral Rosaries, Chaplets, Flower Petal Jewelry, and Treasured Keepsakes. All types of flowers can be used to create these exquisite floral beads, ensuring a personalized touch.


Each bead is individually handcrafted, allowing you to see the delicate petals of your flowers. Barbara's beadwork is expertly wired together, resulting in a precious family heirloom to be cherished for generations.


Choose between a traditional Miraculous Mary medal center, a heartfelt "Welcome Home" center, or a custom photo center. For photo centers, simply email your desired photo to Barbara after placing your order.


Add a personal touch to your rosary with custom charms bearing names or dates. Visit the main menu and click on the "Add on" tab to order your additional charms.


Barbara's journey in flower preservation began with the realization of the sentimental importance of flowers, especially after the passing of her mother. Inspired by the flowers lovingly arranged around her mother's casket, Barbara embarked on a mission to preserve these precious memories.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the beads match my flower colors? Barbara can match your flower colors, or you can choose your preferred color at checkout. The beads can be made in various colors, and your flowers will not be dyed during the process.


How many flowers are needed for a rosary? One standard-sized rose is sufficient to create two full-size rosaries. If you have any doubts, please email Barbara at for guidance.


What types of flowers can be used? All flower types can be transformed into floral beads, not limited to rose petals. They can be freshly dried or preserved for years. Please note that flowers may shrink and their colors may darken or take on an antique appearance during the beading process, but they retain the essence of your cherished blooms.


What metals are used? For the Gold Tone Rosary, Barbara utilizes top-quality gold-plated jewelry findings to create the rosary and chaplet connections. The rosary pieces are imported from Italy, specifically designed for rosary making. The gold metals require no chemical cleaning, just a gentle buffing with a soft cloth.


Cancellations: Barbara does not accept cancellations or returns once work has commenced. However, if you have any concerns regarding your order, please contact Barbara immediately.


Upon placing your order, you will receive instructions on where to send your flowers. Please ensure that your flowers are fully dry before shipping.

Gold Tone Rosary

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