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Floral Rosary made using YOUR dried flower petals.

You provide the flowers and Barbara will use them to make floral beads to fulfill your order. 


53 Floral beads, 8-9 mm. This is chainlink style rosary, as shown in the photos. You choose your center. Choose between a Miraculous Mary Medal Center, Photo Center (Your photo), Wedding Ring Center, or Welcome Home Center. 


2 ¼ inch oxidized starburst silver cross and oxidized beading pins.   

Beads come in a matte finish (dull, which are earthy, dry and organic feeling), or a glossy finish (smooth to the touch, eggshell finish). Both matte and glossy beads are waterproof and very durable.

Each bead is hand-made with YOUR FLOWERS embedded inside. Each bead is made one bead at a time. In each bead you will be able to see your flower petals. All my beadwork is hand wired together, creating a family heirloom to treasure and enjoy! 


1 standard size rose can make two full size rosary, or 3 any other type of flower.

You can send in a mixture of petals and greenery to be included in the beads.


All flower varieties can be used, as long as they are 100 % dry. Petals must be dried deep inside by the bud, or they can mold.


After you place an order, Barbara will look over the order and determine how many flowers are needed. You will receive an email requesting enough flowers to fill your order, shipping instructions and the address to ship your flowers to. 


Do NOT ship fresh flowers, or partially fresh flowers. They will mold in the mail and your order will be immediately cancelled and your flowers will NOT be returned. 


You can add custom charms name/date for an additional fee to your rosary, or any of Barbara's pieces.  Return to the main menu and click onto the “Add On” tab. Custom charms, family charms (mom, dad, grandma etc), resin charms, stamped metal charms, hearts, angel wings, memorial charms etc. 




Color Beads?

 Floral beads can be made in many colors and do not have to match the petal colors. 


How many roses or flowers do I need to make a rosary?

One standard size rose will make 2 full size rosary, or 3 any other flower type will make the same.  If you are unsure how many roses or flowers are needed to fulfill your order, please contact Barbara. 


What kind of flowers can I use? 

Floral beads can be made from all flower types. They do not need to be rose petals. They can be newly dried, or many years old. Flowers shrink when dried and colors can darken or antique but they are still your flowers just the same. 


What kind of metals do I use?

Oxidized silver metals are used to make all of my chainlink rosary and chaplets. Oxidized sterling silver jewelry is made of sterling silver that has been exposed to oxygen in a pressurized environment for a long period of time. The effect of oxidizing pieces is for a slightly tarnished or antique jewelry look. Barbara’s oxidized silver pieces are imported from Italy. They require no chemical cleaning, only a buffing using a soft cloth. 



Once the beads are made Barbara does not accept cancellations or returns for these items.

However, if you have concerns with your order contact Barbara immediately. 


Rosary Made Using Your Dried Flowers, Funeral Flowers, Wedding Flowers, Baby's

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