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Discover unique and heartfelt keepsakes crafted by artisan Barbara Beckmann. Each piece, including the Resin Flower Petal Keychain with an Angel Wing Charm, is meticulously created, designed, and made by Barbara herself. Preserve cherished memories by using flowers from your loved one's funeral service to make these beautiful resin pieces.


To ensure a smooth process, please track your flowers when sending them to us. They can be securely shipped in a padded envelope or a small box. Flower petals must be completely dry before you can ship them.


Family charms can be added for no additional fee. You can choose a family charm from the drop down menu. Famiy charms included, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Daughter, Son etc. 


Customize your keepsake further by adding a personalized custom charm with a name and date for an additional fee. To add a custom resin charm choose option from drop down menu. Custom charms, are best for an option not availale from drop down menu, for example, "Nonna, PaPa"

Custom charms fit name, year or nickname nicely. Email Barbara if you have any questions.


Our services extend beyond funeral flowers; we specialize in transforming flowers from communions, weddings, and special events into handmade keepsakes, keychains, and more. Simply provide the flowers, and Barbara will arrange them artistically to fulfill your order.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Cancellations: We do not accept cancellations or returns once we receive your flowers. If you have any concerns about your order, please contact us immediately.


Placing an Order: After placing your order, you will receive instructions on where to send your dried flowers.


For any inquiries or to initiate your order, email Barbara Beckmann at Preserve the beauty of your special moments with personalized, artisan-crafted keepsakes.

Resin Oval Floral Keychain with Angel Wings, Made using YOUR dried flower petals

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