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Clear Resin Floral Chaplet: Handmade with Your Dried Flower Petals


Available in silver or gold tone. The WEDDING RING center is only available in silver. 


Embrace the exquisite beauty of artisan Barbara Beckmann's clear bead chaplet, meticulously crafted using YOUR dried flower petals. Each bead is hand-made, allowing you to see your flower petals from every angle. The chaplet measures approximately 10.5 inches and features 10 stunning flower petal resin beads. Choose from a variety of center options, including Miraculous Mary Medal, Photo Center (Your photo), Wedding Ring Center, or Welcome Home Center. Personalize your chaplet with custom charms for an additional fee. To create this treasured keepsake, simply send your flowers to our studio following the provided instructions. Cherish the memories of funeral flowers, communions, weddings, or special events with this handmade floral chaplet.

Clear Resin Bead Chalet Made Using YOUR Dried Flower Petals

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