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Clear Resin Floral Chaplet In Silver


Clear Resin Bead Chaplet Made Using YOUR Dried Flowers.

This chaplet is made using silver oxidized metals, of professional quality. The chaplet also comes in gold plated tones, which can be found at the main menu. This particular listing is for the silver style. 

Clear Resin Beads where you can see all the beautiful flower petals throughout. Leaves and small items, like sprigs, pine cones, baby breath and more can also be added into the resin. 


Choose your center. Choose from a standard  Miraculous Mary Center, or upgrade to a blue enamel Miraculous Mary Center,  Wedding Ring Center, Photo Center, or Welcome Home Center. All centers are shown in the listing photographs.


This gorgeous clear bead flower petals chaplet is made With Your Dried Flower Petals. Beads are clear and you can see all the way through them. You can see all your flower petals from every side. 


11 Flower Petal Clear Resin Beads and two silver oxidized Our Father beads. The cross measures approximately 2 inches. Each flower petal resin bead is approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. 

Chaplet measures approx 10 inches from top to bottom. 


I have several styles of rosary and chaplets to choose from. Please visit the main menu to see all the options available. 


You can add custom charms name/date for an additional fee to your rosary, or any of my pieces. Return to the main menu and use the "add charms" tab to order. 


Beads are Made From Your Flowers fresh or dried. From roses to dandelions, you can have your own Floral Rosary, Chaplet, Flower Petal Jewelry, or Treasured Keepsake. One standard size rose or 3 anyotherflower type can make two chaplets. 


Each bead is hand-made with YOUR FLOWERS embedded inside. Each bead is made one at a time by hand. In each bead you will be able to see your flower petals throughout from every angle. 

All my beadwork is hand wired together, creating a family heirloom to treasure and enjoy!

Funeral flowers, communions, wedding or special event flowers to preserve them and make them into handmade keepsake beads. 




How many roses or flowers do I need to make this chaplet?

A handful of assorted flowers and leaves will be perfect. Approximately 3/4 cup of flower petals. 


What kind of flowers can I use? 

I can make beads from all flower types. They do not need to be rose petals. 


What kind of metals do I use?

I use oxidized sterling silver jewelry to make all my rosary and chaplets. Oxidized sterling silver jewelry is made of sterling silver that has been exposed to oxygen in a pressurized environment for a long period of time. The effect of oxidizing pieces is for a slightly tarnished or antique jewelry look. My oxidized silver pieces are imported from Italy.



I do not accept cancellations or returns for these items once flowers have been received in my art studio. Each piece is custom made for you. However, if you have concerns with your order contact me immediately. 


Full set of rosaries are also available, 10 bead chaplets and other keepsakes. 


Once you place an order, you will receive instructions where to send your flowers.



Clear Resin Floral Chaplet in Silver

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