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Preserve Your Flowers with a Custom Flower Petal Resin Candle Holder


Create a unique and personalized ambiance with a custom-made flower petal resin candle holder, crafted using your own dried flowers. To ensure optimal results, please make sure your flowers are completely dry before shipping them. You can securely package your flowers in a padded envelope or small box.


Upon placing your order, you will receive detailed instructions on where to send your flowers. Approximately 1 1/2 cups of dried flower petals are needed to create a single candle holder.


Choose from two elegant styles: round or square. Both styles accommodate a 2-inch diameter candle and come with a battery-operated candle light for convenience.


The round holder has a diameter of 3 inches and stands 4 inches tall, while the square holder measures 3.5 inches on the top, 4 inches from corner to corner, and stands 3.5 inches high.


You have the freedom to use any type of flower, whether they are from funerals, weddings, special occasions, or your own backyard. Our skilled artisan, Barbara Beckmann, will carefully arrange and preserve your flowers in clear resin, capturing their beauty for years to come. Please note that while tiny bubbles may appear in the resin, our experienced artist will minimize their presence as much as possible.


For an added personal touch, you can choose to include an optional charm with your candle holder. Select from a variety of family charms, such as mom, dad, or grandma, available in the drop-down menu when placing your order. If desired, you can also keep your candle holder plain without any added charm.


To further customize your candle holder, you can add a custom optional charm through our website. Simply click on the "Add On" section on the main homepage to include a photo, name/date, or a personal sentiment. These custom charms enhance the meaningfulness of your candle holder.

Illuminate your space with a captivating and sentimental piece that beautifully showcases the preserved beauty of your cherished flowers.

Resin Candle Votive Made Using Your Dried Flowers

  • Candle can be cleaned with a soft cloth. 

    Do not keep your candle in direct sunlight, as the flower petals could possibly fade over time. 

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