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Introducing the Multicolored Floral Rosary, a unique and personalized creation made with your own dried flowers from funerals, weddings, or special occasions.


Before sending your flowers, please ensure they are completely dry. It is recommended to use a tracking service when shipping them, and a padded envelope will keep them safe during transit.

This Catholic Rosary is designed to be multicolored, allowing you to choose between 2, 3, or up to 4 different colors for the beads. During the ordering process, you can also select between a matte or shiny glossy finish. Matte beads have an earthy, organic feel with a rough texture, while glassy beads have a light sheen and a smooth touch. Both options are equally durable.


For further personalization, you have the option to add a custom photo center to your rosary. Simply send your desired photo to Barbara after placing your order. Alternatively, you can choose the "Wedding Ring Center" or opt for the traditional Miraculous Mary Center. Select your preferred option from the drop-down menu during ordering.


When it comes to color combinations, you have complete freedom. Barbara can either match the colors of your flowers or create a custom color scheme for your beads. If you need assistance in choosing the colors, indicate "Need help with choosing colors" in the personalized section, and Barbara will happily reach out to you before creating the beads for your rosary. The bead colors do not have to precisely match your flowers, as small amounts of pigments can be added to create beads in your desired color combination.


To add an extra touch of personalization, custom charms with names or dates can be included for an additional fee. Simply visit the "Add on" section from the main home page of the shop and choose your desired additional custom add-ons.


These full-size rosary beads are meticulously handcrafted using your own flowers, transforming them into memory beads. You provide the flowers, and Barbara will skillfully transform them into beads to fulfill your order.


The rosary consists of 53 beads, each measuring 8mm in size. You will find several styles of rosaries available, so we invite you to explore our shop to discover all the options.


Every bead is individually hand-made, embedding your flowers inside. This intricate process ensures that the flower petals are visible within each bead. The beadwork is carefully wired together, resulting in a cherished family heirloom that holds the beauty and significance of your flowers.

Transform your cherished flowers into handmade keepsake beads, preserving their essence for funeral remembrances, communions, weddings, or other special events.

Multi Colored Rosary made using YOUR dried flowers

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