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 Photo Rosary made using YOUR dried flowers and YOUR photo

53 beads, 6 Our Father beads


Full-size handmade rosary beads created using YOUR flowers for the floral Haily Mary beads. You provide the flowers, and BARBARA will make the beads for your order. Each bead is handcrafted, revealing your flower petals inside. Various colors are available, and the beads don't have to match the flower colors. One large rose can make 2 full-size rosaries. Flowers of any kind can be used, whether recently dried or aged. High-quality rosary parts made in Italy are used, including oxidized sterling silver for a vintage look. Cancellations and returns are not accepted. After placing your order, you will receive instructions for sending your flowers. Visit the home page for more rosary options. Barbara has several handmade floral rosary styles to choose from. Custom charms can be added for an additoonal fee with name/date etc.


Matte beads are very organic and dry feelingto the touch. Glossy beads have an eggshell finish, not extremely shiny. Glossy beads are smoothto the touch. 

Photo Rosary made using YOUR dried flowers and YOUR photo.

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