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Memorial Resin Pendant Jewelry Made Using Your Dried Flowers

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Introducing the exquisite custom handmade necklace, crafted exclusively for you using your cherished dried flowers from significant moments such as funerals, weddings, or other special occasions.


With artistic finesse, renowned artist Barbara Beckmann skillfully incorporates your dried flower petals to create a unique pendant tailored just for you. The pendant gracefully hangs from a delicate chain, available in various sizes ranging from 16 to 30 inches. When placing your order, you have the freedom to select your preferred chain length.


This captivating necklace is offered in three splendid color options: silver, gold, and bronze.


The pendant itself measures 1.25 inches in height and 1 inch in width, showcasing a remarkable blend of craftsmanship and sentimentality. To personalize your necklace further, you can effortlessly choose your desired color option from the provided drop-down menu.


Please ensure that your flowers are completely dry before shipping them. If your petals are still in the drying process, you may place your order in advance, securing a spot in Barbara's schedule. When shipping your dried petals, they can be safely enclosed in either a regular envelope or a small padded envelope. It's worth noting that a mere 2-3 petals can yield multiple pendants, allowing you to preserve the essence of your cherished flowers in multiple pieces.


Chain is Nickel Free
Top Quality Multi-Size Available from 16"-30".

Memorial Resin Pendant Jewelry Made Using Your Dried Flowers

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