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925 Sterling Silver

I have always known the sentimental importance of flowers but after the death of my mother, it was truly the moment I realized how much I treasured the flowers that were graciously arranged in her honor around her casket. As my family and I each picked a rose or two, to tuck nicely away onto a shelf, I realized overtime my rose was starting to crumble. It was in that moment when I knew I wanted to preserve it, in her memory and therefore, I began my flower preservation journey.

This listing is for a handmade pair of flower bead DANGLE EARRINGS using your flowers to make the beads. 925 is stamped on both earrings. 925 Sterling Silver Pure silver is 99% pure silver metal. Unfortunately, 99% pure silver is not hard enough to be suitable for a jewelry metal. This is why we have 925 sterling silver. This is a metal that is 92.5% pure silver, so you can see where the 925 comes from. The other earring metal pieces used are oxidized silver.


Memorial Keepsake Dangle Earrings

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