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Introducing the Handmade Cardinal Bird Memorial Flower Petal Bead Keychain—a heartfelt keepsake made with your very own flowers.


This keychain features a hand-painted enamel cardinal charm, delicately coated in resin to ensure lasting beauty and durability. The cardinal design is double-sided, symbolizing the presence of angels by your side.


Each bead in this keychain is meticulously crafted, with your unique flowers embedded inside. Made one at a time by hand, these beads showcase the exquisite details of your flower petals. The beadwork is skillfully wired together, creating a precious family heirloom to be cherished and enjoyed.


No two beads are identical, as their inherent imperfections add to their charm and individuality. Barbara likes to think of them as perfectly imperfect, each with its own character and beauty.


By providing the flowers, you enable Barbara to transform them into beads, fulfilling your personalized order with care and attention to detail. This process ensures that your keychain carries a profound sentimental value, making it a truly meaningful tribute.

Cardinal Memorial Flower Petal Keychain

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