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Introducing the Resin Flower Petal Cardinal Keychain—a heartfelt memorial keychain created using your own flowers. This keychain features a special resin design packed with your flower petals in the form of an angel.


As shown in the provided photos, this keychain comes with two charms. The red cardinal bird charm is meticulously hand-painted, double-sided, and carefully dipped in resin. Rest assured, the resin coating ensures that the cardinal charm will not fade or peel, providing long-lasting beauty. The charm is fully sealed for added protection. Engraved upon it are the words "Cardinals appear when angels are near," a heartfelt sentiment to accompany you.


In order to make this keychain truly personal and unique, we kindly ask you to provide the flowers. By incorporating your flowers into the resin design, this keychain becomes a cherished memento that holds a deep significance.


The Resin Flower Petal Cardinal Keychain serves as a beautiful reminder of the eternal connection between angels and the presence they bring into our lives.

Resin Cardinal Floral Keychain

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