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Memorial Flower Petal Bead Keychain - Preserving Funeral Flower Keepsakes


Celebrate the cherished memories of your loved ones with our handcrafted Memorial Keepsake Flower Petal Bead Keychain. This heartfelt keychain is designed to hold a special place in your heart, made using your precious flowers from funerals.


This keychain measures approximately 3 inches in length. 


The keychain is lovingly crafted with three handmade floral beads: Each bead is meticulously handmade, embedding YOUR FLOWERS within its delicate composition. Created individually by hand, you will find the essence of your flower petals captured within each bead. Our skilled artisan, Barbara, meticulously wires the beads together, crafting a keychain that becomes a cherished family heirloom, to be treasured and enjoyed for years to come.


Embrace the unique beauty of each bead, as no two are exactly alike. We celebrate their perfect imperfections, adding character and depth to each individual piece.

Flower Petal Keychain made using YOUR flowers

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