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Flower Petal Necklace 


Floral petal necklace made using your dried flower petals.


 They are custom made and come in many different sizes. 16 inch, 18, 20, 24 inches long, or custom length of your choice.


Everything is handmade, so changes can easily be made to your liking. In the photo listing there is a sample of a matching bracelet. This listing is for the necklace only. If you wanted to order a matching bracelet, you can do so by clicking on the “bracelet” tab under the Jewelry section. There are many different styles to choose from. 


Floral beads with silver oxidized spacer beads.


Several clasps are available. 24 inch and above fits over the head easily.

Memory loss jewelry, Funeral flower keepsakes, loss of loved of gifts, Bridal gifts.



16 inch

18 inch

20 inch

24 inch

Custom length.


Lobster claw, magnetic clasp, slip over head, toggle, screw on clasp all available.

I have always known the sentimental importance of flowers but after the death of my mother, it was truly the moment I realized how much I treasured the flowers that were graciously arranged in her honor around her casket. As my family and I each picked a rose or two, to tuck nicely away onto a shelf, I realized overtime my rose was starting to crumble. It was in that moment when I knew I wanted to preserve it, in her memory and therefore, I began my flower preservation journey.


Flower Petal Necklace

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