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Angel Memorial Bead Keepsake Key Chain - Crafted with Flower Petals

Elevate your personal mementos with our handmade Angel Memorial Bead Keepsake Key Chain. Renowned artisan Barbara Beckmann will meticulously use your cherished flower petals to create all the beads for this meaningful key chain. Only 2-4 petals are needed to craft this special piece.

Measuring approximately 3 inches in length, this key chain features a lobster claw clasp, allowing you to attach it to your keys, pocketbook, or any cherished item of your choosing.

Each bead is individually handmade, embedding YOUR FLOWER PETALS within its unique design. Our skilled artisan delicately crafts each bead one at a time, ensuring that the essence of your flower petals shines through. Barbara's beadwork is expertly wired together, creating a family heirloom that holds both sentimental and aesthetic value. Embrace the beauty of their imperfections, as no two beads are exactly alike. We celebrate their uniqueness and believe they are perfectly imperfect.

For an additional fee, you have the option to personalize your key chain with custom charms, featuring names or dates, adding an extra touch of personal significance.

Angel Memorial Keychain Made Using Flower Petals

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