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Large Clear Resin Bead Wall Floral Rosary


Introducing the Custom Made Large Floral Wall Hanging Rosary by Barbara Beckmann, a masterful creation that combines the beauty of dried flower petals with stunning craftsmanship. This exquisite resin wall hanging rosary is designed to adorn your walls, serving as a striking centerpiece and a symbol of devotion.


Barbara will custom make 53, 1/2 inch resin Hail Mary beads and 6, 1/2 inch resin Our Father beads using your own dried flower petals. The rosary is available in both silver and gold tones, allowing you to choose the option that best complements your decor. Each 1/2 inch resin bead is meticulously crafted to preserve the delicate beauty of the flowers.


Embrace the beauty and significance of your own dried flower petals transformed into a magnificent large floral wall hanging rosary, handcrafted by Barbara Beckmann.

Large Clear Resin Bead Wall Floral Rosary

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