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Custom Cufflinks: Preserve Your Special Occasion Flowers


Create a truly unique and sentimental accessory with our custom cufflinks made using your own special occasion dried flower petals, including funeral flowers, wedding flowers, and other cherished floral keepsakes.


These cufflinks feature a resin bezel that is carefully packed with your flower petals, as displayed in the accompanying photos. Each pair is handcrafted using your dried flowers, capturing their beauty in exquisite detail.

We understand the profound significance of flowers, especially in moments of remembrance. 

Whether your flowers are newly dried or many years old, we transform them into treasured keepsakes. From roses to dandelions and beyond, all flower types can be incorporated into our designs. The clear resin used in our cuff links allows you to admire and preserve the delicate beauty of your flower petals. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, creating a family heirloom that can be cherished and enjoyed for generations to come.


Please note that no two cufflinks are exactly alike, as we embrace the uniqueness of each flower and its preservation. We believe that these imperfections add character and individuality to the finished piece.


Our custom cufflinks are ideal for preserving funeral flowers, commemorating special events like weddings and communions, or creating meaningful keepsakes from any cherished flower arrangement. Simply provide us with your flowers, and we will fulfill your order. Only a few petals are needed to create these cufflinks, and we can also include small items within the resin for added personalization.


Capture the beauty and significance of your special occasion flowers with our custom cufflinks. Each pair is infused with your cherished memories, allowing you to carry a tangible reminder of those meaningful moments wherever you go.


Custom Cufflinks: Preserve Your Special Occasion Flowers

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