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Introducing the extraordinary creation by renowned artist Barbara Beckmann - the ultimate ceramic mug designed to deliver that extra surge of energy with your favorite coffee or indulge in copious amounts of delightful hot cocoa on a gloomy rainy day. Embodying perfection in every aspect, this mug boasts an ideal size of 20oz (0.6l) to satisfy your beverage cravings and your love for dogs! 

Through the innovative ORCA coating, Barbara Beckmann's original and captivating designs come to life, showcased in picture-perfect quality on the pristine white ceramic canvas with an enchanting glossy finish. Comfort and functionality blend seamlessly with the C-shaped easy-grip handle, ensuring an effortless and enjoyable drinking experience.

.: Size: 20oz (0.6l) - The perfect fit .: Material: Crafted from durable white ceramic - Built to last .: C-shaped easy-grip handle - Elevates comfort and convenience .: Glossy finish - Enhancing the allure of the artistic masterpiece within

I love Dogs! Jumbo Mug, 20oz

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