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Crafted Elegance: Gold Tone Clear Resin Floral Rosary


Indulge in the beauty of our Clear Resin Catholic Floral Rosary in gold, handcrafted exclusively with your dried flowers, capturing precious moments like weddings, funerals, memorials, and births. Each exquisite bead encapsulates a unique blend of petals and leaves, magnificently showcased within the transparent resin. If unsure about the quantity of flowers needed, simply reach out to Barbara through our website for personalized assistance.


The [etals from two standard size roses is all it takes to create a full-sized floral resin rosary, boasting 53 beads Haily Mary measuring 8-9 mm in size,  6 - 10mm resin Our Father Beads, Choose from a variety of center options, including the traditional Miraculous Mary center, Photo center,  or "Welcome Home" center, allowing you to personalize your rosary to perfection. The St. Edmund Center as shown in the sample photos, are not an option that is currently available. 


Each rosary and is meticulously handcrafted using imported gold tone professioal rosary pieces from Italy, lending a delightful touch of antique allure. Barbara gladly welcomes custom orders upon request, and should you have any concerns regarding your order, do not hesitate to contact her directly.

Gold Tone Clear Resin Floral Rosary Made Using YOUR Dried Flowers

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