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Custom Floral Bead Adjustable Bracelet: Preserving Your Dried Flowers


Transform your sentimental funeral, wedding, memorial, or special occasion flowers into a cherished Dried Flower Petal Bracelet. Barbara will skillfully handcraft floral beads using your flowers. Ensure flowers are completely dry before ordering. Bracelet features hand-rolled floral beads with gold-plated spacers and a lobster claw clasp. Beads are sealed with a glossy finish. One rose can make up to 5 bracelets. Beads can be made from various flower types. Gold-plated jewelry components ensure durability. Cancellations/returns not accepted after flowers are received. Preserving memories and creating unique keepsakes from memorial, wedding, and special occasion flowers.

Gold Floral Bead Bracelet Made Using YOUR dried flowers

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