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Funeral Memorial Keepsakes or Flower Petal Keepsakes Key Chain Crafted Using Your Own Flowers


When placing your order, select a family charm from the drop-down menu, including options like Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Cousin, Aunt, Uncle, and more.


Our MEMORIAL FLOWER PETAL KEY CHAIN is meticulously handcrafted using the flowers you provide. This unique keychain is lovingly made by incorporating your flower petals into the beads. The beads can be crafted in any color, either to match your flowers or to suit your preference. Your flower petals will be visible within the beads, creating a beautiful and meaningful keepsake.


Each bead is individually handcrafted, with great care taken to embed YOUR FLOWERS inside. These beads are painstakingly created one at a time, ensuring that each one is distinct and special. In every bead, the delicate details of your flower petals will be preserved. The keychain is expertly wired together by hand.


No two beads are exactly alike, but that's what makes them uniquely perfect. We embrace the slight variations and celebrate their imperfect beauty.


Barbara, our skilled artisan, will utilize your flowers to create the beads necessary to fulfill your order.

Barbara can transform beads from all types of flowers, not just rose petals. So, feel free to provide any flower of your choice.

Keepsakes Key Chain Made Using YOUR flower petals

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