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Flower Petal Resin Candle Votive Holder


These lovely votive candle holders are made using your dried flowers. Small items, kike baby pine cones, berries, baby’s breath and sprigs can be added into the resin. 


Flowers must be 100%  dry before they can safely ship to me. If they have any moisture in them, the peatsl can mold.  Flowers can be newely dried or many years old. All flower types can be used. 


Add a family charm (included at no extra charge) or keep it plain. Family charms are availlable to choose from the drop down menu. For an additional fee you can add a custom charm in place of a family charm. Custom charms can have name/date etc. You can add a custom charm by using the “add on” tab from the main menu. Only one charm fits on the votive. 


One votive candle comes with this order. You choose either the square style or the circle style. Both openings are 1 1/2 in in diameter and fit the stand size votive candle nicely, as shown in the listing photos. The votive measures 2" H x 1 3/4" W. Flame-less battery light included.


Your flower petals will be packed and artistically arranged and preserved in clear resin. They are perfectly imperfect and tiny slight bubbles may appear in the resin, which are unavoidable

as the resin hardens and cures. Barbara’s experience and skillful hands will help to limit the amount of bubbles that appear in your piece. 


Approx ¾ cups of petals are required to make one votive. 


All mailing instructions and address will be provide after placing your order. 

Flower Petal Resin Candle Votives made using YOUR dried flowers

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