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Flower Petal Leather Keychain - Crafted with Your Dried Flowers


This listing offers a beautiful and high-quality leather keychain with a unique flower petals insert. Please note that the listing is for one keychain.


To ensure optimal results, it is important that your flowers are 100% dry before mailing your petals.

When sending them, we recommend getting tracking to ensure safe delivery. Flowers can be shipped in a padded envelope. 


Rectangle 50x18mm
Round 25mm diameter
Square 25x25mm

Our high quality leather keychains come in three different styles, each meticulously crafted using YOUR dried flowers. Whether they are from weddings, funerals, baby showers, or other special occasions, we can incorporate them into a stunning keychain.


Ordering is easy, and only a few petals are needed to create each keychain. We welcome various types of petals, leaves, baby's breath, and more to be added, allowing for customization and personalization.

Leather Keychain Made Using YOUR Dried Flowers

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