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Floral Bracelet - Crafted with Your Dried Flower Petals


Indulge in the beauty of our Floral Bracelet, expertly handcrafted using your dried flower petals. With your flowers as the inspiration, artisan Barbara Beckmann will skillfully create unique floral beads, ensuring that no two beads are exactly alike. Each bead is meticulously hand-rolled and sealed, adding a touch of craftsmanship to your bracelet.


This handmade bracelet is available in various sizes and offers a selection of clasp choices to suit your preference. For versatility and longevity, we recommend choosing the adjustable size option, particularly if you're ordering it as a gift or for a child. This way, the bracelet can grow with them, becoming a cherished keepsake that lasts a lifetime.


The process is simple! Select the color beads for your bracelet, which do not necessarily have to match the color of your friend's flower petals. Our beads can be made in a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose what resonates with you.


Additionally, you have the option to add small custom charms to the bracelet, such as names or dates. Simply visit the "add on" tab in the main menu to include a personalized touch.


To begin creating your treasured bracelet, send your dried flower petals via regular mail to Barbara's studio. The shipping instructions and address are provided after you place your order. 


Rest assured, Barbara will handle your flower petals with care, transforming them into a beautiful bracelet that you can cherish forever.


Bracelet Made Using YOur Dried Flower Petals

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