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Adjustable Style Resin Bezel Bracelets - Crafted with Your Flower Petals


Introducing our captivating Adjustable Style Resin Bezel Bracelets, where YOUR flower petals take center stage.


When you provide the flowers, our skilled artisan, Barbara Beckmann, will transform them into a stunning bracelet. The bracelet showcases a single style, as depicted in the listing photos, and boasts complete adjustability to accommodate various wrist sizes.


Crafted with a blend of stainless steel and alloy materials, this bracelet is designed to resist tarnishing, ensuring its long-lasting beauty. The resin area measures 10x25 mm, providing ample space to showcase your cherished flower petals.


Only a few petals and leaves are required to create this exquisite bracelet, offering an opportunity to blend different types of petals for a truly unique and personalized piece.


Upon placing your order, you will receive detailed instructions on how to ship your flowers. Additionally, we will provide guidance on the quantity of flowers needed to fulfill your order, ensuring a perfect fit. Rest assured, the information regarding where to send your flowers will also be included.


Embark on a journey of creating a wearable masterpiece, as your flower petals are delicately encased within the resin bezel of this adjustable bracelet.

Adjustable style resin bezel bracelets made using YOUR flower petals

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