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Custom Made Resin Tray Made using YOUR flowers


Resin Tray measures 17 x 11 inches

3/4 inch thick


Explore the exquisite handcrafted creations by artisan Barbara Beckmann.


This listing offers a unique opportunity to customize a tray with your own  sent-in flowers, making it a truly personal and meaningful piece. Please be aware that the tray in this listing is a example and not the actual tray you ill be receiving.


Kindly note that the average turnaround time for flower preservation is approximately 10-12 weeks.


The decorative handles on the tray are not intended for lifting heavy loads; please ensure to lift from the bottom, especially considering that trays can weigh 10+ lbs.


It's important to keep in mind that the tray has a maximum thickness of 3/4 inches, so when sending in flowers, not all may fit. Flowers must be dried flat in order to fit nicely inside the tray.


If you plan to send fresh flowers, kindly purchase the drying service provided and reach out to coordinate dates with Barbara. For the best results, flowers should be dried as quickly as possible, ideally the next day.


This particular tray is recommended for larger bouquets. Additionally, be aware that the appearance of some flowers may change when placed into the resin. Wondering how your flowers will look in resin? Each flower is unique, and some dry better than others. Vibrant colors tend to stay vivid, while sturdier florals maintain their shape. Reds and purples may dry to a darker hue, whites to off-white. Delicate flowers may pose a challenge in the shipping and preservation process.


The featured tray is a sizable 17-in x 11-inch 100% resin creation that can showcase your wedding flowers beautifully, special occasion bouquet, or even your backyard flowers that you treasure. All pressed dried flowers can be made into a timelss floral keepsake you can enjoy for generations to come. To prevent the tray from yellowing, please keep the tray out of direct sunlight. 


Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by Barbara, and while she strives for perfection, resin may exhibit small imperfections like bubbles or dimples. Barbara will try her best to keep these to a minimum.


Customers have the option to choose gold or silver handles, or no handles at all. Please remember that handles are purely decorative, and the tray is designed to be lifted from the bottom, especially considering its potential weight of up to 15 lbs.


To maintain the longevity of your tray, avoid using sharp objects on the surface, clean with warm water and a microfiber cloth, and keep it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.


It's important to note that all resin pieces may amber or yellow over time, although this process can be prolonged by keeping them out of direct sunlight.


If you'd like your pieces fully insured for the entire cost, please inform Barbara to include the extra costs in the final bill. You'll also need to sign for the package upon delivery. Otherwise, everything will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.






Custom Made Large Resin Tray with Handles

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