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Do NOT order if your flowers are NOT 100% dry. THEY MUST BE FULLY DRY!

Fresh flowers can take up to 3-4 weeks to dry open to air on paper towels. Remove long stems, remove the petals and scatter them onto paper towels to air dry. You can dry whole flowers on the bud if you choose. However, they will take longer to air dry. They must be dried deep inside by the bud, or they can mold. If you cannot wait weeks to dry your flowers, you can google how to use the microwave method or oven method to dry petals quicker.

Do NOT ship fresh flowers, or partially fresh flowers. They will mold in the mail and your order will be immediately cancelled and your flowers will NOT be returned.

If your flowers arrive fresh and are not yet moldy, a photo will be sent to you. At that time, for an additional fee of $50, your flowers can be dried in the studio for you. If you choose to not have them dried in the studio, the flowers will NOT be returned and will be discarded. Your order will be canceled. If you choose to have them dried in the studio, an invoice will be sent to you for the additional drying fee. You will have 10 days to pay the additional fee. If you do not pay the drying fee within 10 days of receiving the invoice, your order will be cancelled and the flowers will be discarded.

After you place your order, you have 10 business days to mail your flowers to the studio. You must get tracking with a date stamp when you ship your flowers. If your flowers are date stamped within the 10 day shipping timeframe, and arrive after 10 days, your flowers will be accepted and your order will be added to Barbara’s schedule to be worked on. If your flowers are date stamped and shipped after 10 days from your order date, you can message Barbara and pay an additional fee of $50 to have your flowers accepted. Regardless, after 20 days from the order date, if late fees are not paid, there will be no exceptions and flowers arriving will not be accepted. They will not be returned and your order will be cancelled.

Handmade Confirmation Chaplet (10 beads)

One chaplet included which has a Confirmation Center and Confirmation Cross.

You have a few options when ordering this beautiful confirmation handmade chaplet.

Options: (You choose your option when ordering)

1. Beautiful red glass beads can be used to make this handmade chaplet, which Barbara provides.

2. You can choose to have the beads made with YOUR dried flower petals. If you have special occasions flowers, or even flowers from your own backyard, this is a beautiful way to remember perhaps a grandmother, grandfather or loved one of the confirmation candidate, by giving them a treasured chaplet using flowers from their loved ones backyard, memorial service, or your families special occasion keepsake flowers.

3. You can choose to have Barbara make this chaplet using red roses which she provides.

Three options for you to choose from. No matter which option you choose, Barbara makes everything by hand. The metal pieces are all oxidized silver.
The center confirmation and confirmation cross is gorgeous and you will not be disappointed in their quality. They are imported from Italy, as well as all the metal pieces.

Add a custom charm for an additional fee. You can add a charm with the confirmation candidates name and year of sacrament by ordering a custom charm.
To order a custom charm, clink on the link below to place an order.,stats:true/841293445

Please note:

If you are using your special flowers to have Barbara make your confirmation chaplet, you will be advised on how and where to send your flowers to after placing your order.

If you choose to have Barbara make this without using your flowers, Barbara will be making them using red rose petals, unless you chose to have them made with glass beads.

The Holy Spirit rosary center piece and the confirmation cross are a gorgeous traditional red confirmation color.

The confirmation cross is beautiful with silver oxidize tones and vibrant confirmation red around Jesus and the cross. It replaces the traditional chaplet cross. The center of the chaplet has the Holy Spirit dove with vibrant red and silver oxide middle. It’s a beautiful remembrance of their special sacrament. It can be made from their loved ones flowers, or from flowers given to them to celebrate their confirmation and special day.

Click here to see more of my handmade rose & flower petal keepsakes. Jewelry, car charms, key chains and more!


Color Beads?

Confirmation beads are red. Contact Barbara via messenger if you would like a different bead color option.

How many roses or flowers do I need?
One medium rose can make several chaplets. If you are sending in flowers and
unsure how many roses are needed to fulfill your order, please message Barbara. She is happy to help you.

What kind of flowers can I use?
All flower types can be used to make beads. They do not need to be rose petals. They can be fresh or dried, new or many years old. Fresh petals will dry during the beading process.
Flowers shrink when dried and colors can darken or antique but they are still your flowers just the same.

What kind of metals do I use?
I use oxidized sterling silver jewelry to make all my rosary and chaplets. Oxidized sterling silver jewelry is made of sterling silver that has been exposed to oxygen in a pressurized environment for a long period of time. The effect of oxidizing pieces is for a slightly tarnished or antique jewelry look. My oxidized silver pieces are imported from Italy.
My oxidized silver pieces are imported from Italy.

I do not accept cancellations or returns for these items if you are sending your own flowers. However, if you have concerns with your order contact me immediately.

Full set of rosaries are also available, 10 bead chaplets and other keepsakes.

This listing is for a CHAPLET BRACELET
(10 Handmade Flower beads)

Once you place an order, you will receive instruction where to send your flowers.

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Confirmation Chaplet

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