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925 silver Clear Resin Flower Petal Jewelry, Bracelet Made Using YOUR dried flowers, Flowers from funeral, wedding flowers, memorial jewelry


Dried Flower Petal CLEAR RESIN Bracelet - Crafted with Your Dried Flowers


Celebrate the beauty of your special moments with our Dried Flower Petal CLEAR RESIN Bracelet, thoughtfully handcrafted using your own dried flowers. Whether they come from a funeral, wedding, memorial, or any other special occasion, these flowers hold sentimental value that we transform into stunning floral beads.


To create your personalized bracelet, you provide the flowers, and Barbara will skillfully craft floral beads that adorn your bracelet. For an extra touch, you have the option to add custom personalized charms, such as names or dates, for an additional fee. You can place an order for custom charms through the main page. Click on "Add ons" to choose a custom charm. 


This bracelet features clear resin floral beads, as shown in the listing photo, showcasing the natural beauty of your dried flowers. 


Upon placing your order, you will receive detailed instructions on how to ship your flowers, along with the quantity of flowers needed to fulfill your order and the shipping address. Typically, one standard-size rose can make up to 5 bracelets, or 3-4 of any other type of flowers.


If you have any questions regarding the quantity of flowers needed, don't hesitate to reach out to Barbara for assistance. Barbara can create beads using various types of flowers, not limited to roses. While rose petals are popular and yield a larger number of beads, we welcome all flower types, whether newly dried or several years old. Please ensure that the flowers are 100% dry before sending them.


For the clasp and adjustable chain, we utilize 925 sterling silver jewelry, ensuring both durability and elegance. Bead caps, silver spacers, and other clasps are all oxidized silver, offering a timeless aesthetic.


Please note that Barbara does not accept cancellations or returns once the flowers are received and recorded in the studio. However, if you have any concerns with your order, please contact Barbara immediately.


Preserve the memories of memorial funeral flowers, communion, wedding, or special event flowers by transforming them into handmade keepsake beads, resin items, and other floral preservation pieces. Our Memorial Bead Keepsake Bracelet is a heartfelt way to honor these precious moments and create lasting keepsakes.

Clear Resin Bead Flower Petal Bracelet Made Using YOUR Flower Petals

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