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Cardinal rearview mirror charms


Memorialize your cherished moments with our Cardinal Memorial Keepsake, meticulously crafted using your dried flowers. As the saying goes, "Cardinals appear when angels are near."


This unique cardinal keepsake is available in two styles: a rear view mirror hanging chain, showcased in this listing, and a key chain. For the matching cardinal keepsake key chain, please return to the homepage and view keychains.


Details of the Rear View Mirror Hanging Chain:

  • Features a cardinal charm with the touching message, "Cardinals appear when angels are near."
  • The center resin piece is adorned with a hand-painted colorful red cardinal, surrounded by artistically arranged dried memorial flowers, as depicted in the photos, which you provide.
  • Includes six handmade beads, hand-rolled and created using YOUR memorial flowers. You have the option to choose up to three different color beads, or have the beads all in the same color—simply specify your preference during ordering. Clear resin beads are also available.
  • The cardinal incased inside the resin is fade-resistant and will not yellow over time, ensuring durability even in sunlight. Each bead is individually sealed, waterproof, and glossy.

Customization Options:

  • Add a custom charm with a name/date. Return to the main menu and click on custom charm options.

A Touch of Imperfection:

  • No two beads are exactly alike, celebrating the beauty of imperfection.


  • Opaque Color Beads or Resin Bead Options: Clear resin beads are transparent, offering a captivating view of the petals inside, akin to looking into a glass marble. The color of the resin beads is determined by the flower petals. On the other hand, opaque beads are solid, with the flowers embedded inside, and their petals are visible on the exterior. Opaque beads can be crafted in various colors, not necessarily matching the flower petals. The petals remain un-dyed throughout the process.
  • Quantity of Roses/Flowers: One large rose yields 8-9 car charms; contact Barbara for assistance with the number needed for your order.
  • Types of Flowers: Beads can be made from all flower types, whether fresh or dried, new or aged.
  • Metal Used: I use oxidized sterling silver jewelry, imported from Italy, and stainless stell tarnish resistant metals. 
  • Cancellations and Returns: I do not accept cancellations or returns for custom created items. If you have concerns, please contact Barbara immediately.

Placing an Order:

  • Once your order is placed, Barbara will review the order details. You receive instructions on where to send your flowers.


For inquiries, email me at

Cardinal Rear View Mirror Car Charm

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