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Dried Flower Petal Bracelet Made Using YOUR dried flowers.



This listing offers a custom-made bracelet using dried flower petals provided by the customer.
Suitable for flowers from various occasions like funerals, weddings, memorials, and special events.


Customers are responsible for ensuring their flowers are 100% dry before mailing them.
Customers are advised to get tracking for their flowers when sending them.


The bracelet is made with hand-rolled floral beads and is available with different clasp options (lobster claw, toggle, magnetic, or adjustable with a chain).


Customers can choose the color of the floral beads.All floral beads used for jewelry will be sealed with a glossy finish.


Information on how to ship the flowers will be provided after the order is placed, as well as how many flowers are needed to fulfill the order.  

One standard size rose can make up to 5 bracelets, or 3-4 bracelets using other types of flowers.

The seller can help determine the number of flowers needed for the order if customers are unsure.

The flowers can be of various types and can be newly dried or old, as long as they are completely dry.

Cancellations or returns are not accepted once flowers are received and recorded in the studio.

The seller specializes in creating Bridal preservation, memorial items and other floral preservation pieces.



Bead Frame Bracelet

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