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925 Silver, or Rose Gold Memorial Ring Made Using Cremation Remains, Dried Flower Petals, Fur jewelry, Wedding Flower preservation


Made Made using YOUR dried flower petals, cremation remains, pet fur, or small items close to your heart. Wedding Flowers, Funeral Flowers etc.


If you plan on sending something other than cremation remains, flower petals, or pet fur, please message Barbara prior to ordering to discuss items you will be supply for the ring. Small treasure items can be added but run it by Barbara first.


Ring is Adjustable in size.


This stunning ring is Made Using YOUR materials.


You provide the materials you would like to preserve and Barbara will use them to fulfill our order. Custom made for you.


Flower Petals must be 100% dry.

Cremation remains or fur must be in a small sealed baggie, or small container with tight lid. Only 1/4 tsp would be needed.


Please get tracking on your package when mailing it to Barbara, for your records. Your items can ship in a padded envelope. They will be logged in and you will receive confirmation they have arrived.


3 petals can make one ring.

1/4 teaspoon cremation remains,

Small amount of fur need.




After you place your order, Barbara will look over the order details.

You will receive shipping information and the address to send your item.

The process is very easy.


No cancellations or returns for these items once materials are received and recorded in the studio. However, if you have concerns with your order contact Barbara immediately.


Message Barbara if you have any questions.

925 Silver or Rose Gold Adjustable Ring

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