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Introducing this exquisite 925 Silver Adjustable Memorial or Keepsake Ring


A stunning piece of jewelry meticulously designed by the talented artist, Barbara Beckmann. Crafted with the most cherished treasures close to your heart, this collection can include items such as cremation ashes, dried flower petals, pet fur, and other personalized mementos.


Experience the captivating beauty of this elegant round 6 x 6 mm ring, skillfully handcrafted to incorporate your own dried flower petals, cremation remains, pet fur, or other sentimental items like wedding or funeral flowers.


For a truly personalized touch, feel free to contact Barbara before placing your order if you wish to include materials other than cremation remains, flower petals, or pet fur. She will discuss the details with you to ensure a perfect creation with the materials you provide.


The ring is thoughtfully adjustable in size, ensuring it fits you perfectly. Exclusively made using the materials you supply, this keepsake allows you to preserve the essence of various significant moments - be it flowers from weddings, funerals, special occasions, or even from your own backyard. Moreover, the ring can be crafted using cremation remains, pet fur, or any small items that hold special meaning to you.


Simply provide the materials you want to be preserved, and Barbara will expertly incorporate them into your custom-made order. For flower petals, please ensure they are 100% dry, while cremation remains or fur should be sealed in a small baggie or a tightly sealed container for safe shipment.

When mailing your items to Barbara, we recommend obtaining tracking for your package for your peace of mind. Your precious items will be handled with utmost care upon arrival, logged in, and you will receive confirmation of their safe delivery.


Approximately three petals are needed to create one ring, while 1/4 teaspoon of cremation ash and a small amount of fur are required. Any unused materials will be thoughtfully returned to you along with your treasured keepsake.


Once you have placed your order, Barbara will meticulously review the details and provide you with shipping information and the address to send your materials. The entire process is designed to be effortless and straightforward, ensuring a seamless experience for you.


Please note that cancellations or returns are not accepted once the materials have been received and recorded in the studio. However, if you have any concerns regarding your order, kindly contact Barbara immediately, and she will be more than happy to assist you.


For any inquiries or questions, feel free to message Barbara directly. Your satisfaction is her top priority, and she looks forward to creating a truly meaningful and special keepsake for you.

925 Silver Adjustable 6 mm Keepsake Ring Made using YOUR mementos

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