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WELCOME! Discover the beauty of BarbaraBeckmannArt! NY artist creates one-of-a-kind handmade items, such as rosaries, resin preservation, dried flower petal jewelry, and more - all made using your treasured items, dried flower petals, cremation ash, pet fur, and other mementos. Let Barbara Beckmann Art help you turn a special moment into a timeless masterpiece.

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New City, New York

Barbara Beckmann Art is a culmination of my education, training, and life experiences, which enable me to approach my artistic endeavors with a whimsical, carefree, and contemporary perspective. One of my passions lies in handcrafting floral beads using dried flower petals. As a Roman Catholic, the rosary holds significant importance within my family. Drawing from this devotion, I create exquisite floral rosaries, chaplets, jewelry, and resin pieces, incorporating a wide array of dried flower petals, ranging from roses to dandelions. No flower goes unnoticed in my artistic creations.

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Barbara Beckmann is an artist who loves to preserve
and make keepsakes for families to treasure.

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