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Ombre Floral Rosary: A Strikingly Shaded Keepsake


Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Barbara's Ombre Floral Rosary, meticulously crafted using your own dried flower petals. Derived from the French word meaning "shaded" or "varying tones," the ombre style of these rosaries is truly awe-inspiring. Each bead emanates a single hue, showcasing a seamless gradient from light to dark or dark to light. Picture a mesmerizing transition from dark gray to light gray or vice versa—a captivating series of color hues.


This full-size rosary comprises 53 beads, each measuring 8 mm in diameter. A single standard-sized rose or three flowers of any variety can yield two full-size rosaries.


No need to match the color of your flower petals precisely. Barbara expertly incorporates pigments into the binding agent, ensuring the beads retain their strength and round shape while allowing the petals to shine through. Rest assured, the petals are never dyed at any stage, allowing you to witness their presence within each bead.


Choose the center that resonates with your spirit, be it the Miraculous Mary Medal Center, Photo Center (featuring your own photo), Wedding Ring Center, or Welcome Home Center. Additionally, you have the option to personalize your rosary with custom charms, featuring names or dates, for an additional fee. Simply return to the main menu and click on the "Add on" tab to include them.

Explore the diverse range of rosary styles available by visiting the main menu and acquainting yourself with the plethora of options.


Rest assured, these beads are made from your flowers, whether fresh or dried. From roses to dandelions, Barbara can fashion your very own Floral Rosary, Chaplet, Flower Petal Jewelry, or Treasured Keepsake.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What colors are available for the beads? The beads can be created in a wide variety of colors, and they do not have to match the colors of your flowers. Simply choose your preferred bead color during checkout.


How many roses or flowers do I need to create a rosary? One large rose is sufficient to create two full-size rosaries. If you require assistance determining the quantity of roses or flowers needed for your order, please feel free to message Barbara. She will be delighted to assist you.

Ombre Style Rosary made using your dried flowers, flowers from funeral, wedding

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