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Your dried flower petals will be handled with the utmost care, compassion, and respect.


Barbara's handmade rosary memorial flower beads, chaplets, bracelets and other jewelry pieces make wonderful keepsakes to treasure and preserve your loved ones dried flowers. Barbara uses your loved ones funeral flowers or special occasion flowers and preserves them, making them into heirloom keepsakes.


Barbara's beads are all hand crafted one of a kind.  Any flower petal can be make into floral beads.

Your keepsake flowers will be made into hand rolled floral beads in the bead color chosen. Each bead is handmade and no two beads are exactly alike. Barbara likes to say each bead is perfectly imperfect. 


Memorial dried flower petals are made into 8 mm beads in a matte finish. If your beads are made into jewelry, they will be sealed with a strong protective finishing glaze, therefore, beads used for jewelry have a little shine to them. 


Depending on your desired final look you have a few options:


Your bead color to be the same color as your flowers.


If your flowers are multiple colors and you desire the bead color to match your flowers, then indicate "Multiple Colors" under the special instruction area of the form and list your color choices (several bead colors can be created).


If you desire your bead color not to match your flowers, just indicate your favorite color.


Oxidized Sterling Silver is used to create rosaries and chaplets. Oxidized

Sterling Silver goes through a process that many jewelers use to give sterling

silver a black patina. It’s sterling silver that has been exposed to oxygen in a pressurized environment for a long period of time. The effect is for a slightly tarnished antique jewelry look. All rosaries and chaplet silver is imported from Italy.


Jewelry pieces come in a few options. All jewelry is created using sterling silver lobster claw clasps.

Some available options are Swarovski crystal beads, glass beads, and silver oxidized spacers. You will choose your selection at checkout.


The full set rosary will be complete with the crucifix and Mother Mary charm and 53 floral beads.


Chaplets are made using 10 beads, with the crucifix and Mother Mary charm, as shown in the photos. 

Please note: Not all flowers hold their color when placed under heat, which is what happens during the curing process of the beads. Lighter color roses, such as pink or lavender, tend to sometimes fade to a light yellow or brownish color. Dark red roses, turn a very, very deep dark color. It all depends on the flower, not every flower reacts the same way so there is unfortunately no guarantee that your color will turn out as bright and vibrant as the flowers are in their fresh or even dried state. All flowers will show through the bead, regardless of their color, even white. If you have flowers that have been dyed, the dye may affect the color of the bead. Greenery looks great when mixed with the flowers. Whatever the color of the flowers, your item will still be a reflection of your occasion or loved one.

Once you have placed your order you will receive instructions where to send your dried flowers. Flowers must be dried for a period of two weeks before Barbara is able to make beads with them. Flowers that have been dried for many years can also be used to make your beads.  If flowers are received that are not thoroughly dry, they will be held and dried thoroughly until they are ready to be used. 


Orders take 4-5 weeks from time Barbara receives your flowers. It also depends on Barbara's workload. You will receive a time frame for completion upon ordering, or email Barbara prior to ordering for an approximate date of completion. Completion date is based on how many orders Barbara is currently working on, as well as how small or large your order will take to complete.

Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings,  necklaces, key chains, bookmarks and other keepsake items are all available to order. If you don't see an item of interest listed, please contact Barbara. 


I can use any type of flower!

I need 1-2 roses or 3-4 any other type of flower for a full Set Rosary.  All other items I only need 1 rose or 2 of any other type of flower. If you are not sure how many flowers you will need to fulfill your order, please email Barbara for assistance.

Flowers should be sent dried. Send your dried flowers wrapped in a paper towel, clearly marked with your name and contact information. Mail flowers in brown paper padded envelope. Do not wrap your flowers in plastic, to prevent molding.

Flowers can me very old, as long as they are dry and have no mold om them. New flowers should be dried prior to sending. Dry your flowers on a paper towel exposed to air. It should take approximately 2 weeks for them to be fully dry.

It is a good idea to use a postal service which provides you with a tracking number when sending your flowers.

Upon ordering you will receive an email confirmation of your order as well as the address to send your flowers to.

For more information, pricing and placing an order, please click on the "Order Now" tab.

Gallery Sample Photos of Barbara's Floral Bead  Keepsakes

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